Canada’s grain farmers call for action after ‘harvest from hell’

Grain Growers of Canada launch – a platform for farmers to share the impact of the carbon tax on their farms

OTTAWA (February 18, 2020) – On behalf of Canada’s grain, oilseed and pulse producers, the Grain Growers of Canada (GGC) are calling for action from the federal government to support farmers after the harvest from hell.

“We have received broad support from opposition parties calling for immediate relief from the carbon tax for farmers after the disaster that was last year’s harvest,” said GGC chair Jeff Nielsen. “We now need our federal government to step up.”

As part of this action, GGC ask that our farmer members be directly reimbursed from the federal government for the millions of extra dollars they have paid to dry their grain as a result of the carbon tax.

With a changing climate, the new reality is that there will be future years where significant grain drying is required for farmers across Canada. Therefore, the most appropriate solution for both farmers and the government is to completely exempt all fuels used in farming operations from the carbon tax. A full fuel exemption will avoid the need for any future relief measures after events like last year’s harvest.

“This issue is too important to delay,” added Nielsen. “We are working with our member groups to compile data and share the real cost of the carbon tax with Hon. Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau. This is why we have launched It is an important avenue for farmers to demonstrate the burden that the carbon tax has inflicted on their operations.”

On the newly launched platform, farmers are invited to share their #harvestfromhell story and post their grain drying bill to help communicate the full cost of the carbon tax after 2019’s ‘Harvest from Hell’. The website will also feature infographics and videos that speak to the urgency of the situation and can be easily shared via social media.

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