GGC Statement re: recent AAFC Announcements

Statement from Grain Growers of Canada chair Jeff Nielsen on recent announcements from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:

“We commend Hon. Agriculture Minister Bibeau on her announcement today of funding for a pilot insurance program to mitigate risk for grain exporters and a public trust ‘code of practice’ for grain production. This is in addition to Monday’s notice regarding the Efficient Grain Dryer Program for Alberta farmers who are seeking to cover partial costs for their grain drying equipment.

However, the Grain Growers of Canada are asking for a more immediate and decisive action in the form of a full exemption for fuel used on Canadian farms from the carbon tax.

These announcements have not changed the fact that farmers across the country are still facing an additional cost burden after the “Harvest from Hell” – at a time when they can afford it least.

These costs are adding up and Canada’s grain farmers cannot continue to pay the price for inaction. A complete exemption for all fuels used on the farm is what we need to avoid these crises in the future and provide farmers with the resources to continue doing what we do best.

This will not be the last time where farmers face a tough harvest. We need a legislative and regulatory environment that reflects contributions that Canadian farmers have and continue to make towards the climate solution – while ensuring a sustainable future for this important industry.”

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