Grain Act must be ‘relevant and responsive,’ say Canada’s grain farmers

April 29, 2021 (Ottawa, ON) – Canada’s grain farmers are calling for a modernized Canada Grain Act that drives agriculture’s competitiveness, reduces regulatory red tape, and ensures high-quality grain for domestic and export markets.

Earlier today, the Grain Growers of Canada provided a submission to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada regarding their review of the Canada Grain Act. It contained actionable and urgent recommendations that are responsive to the evolving needs of the agricultural sector.

“As the national voice for grain farmers, we recognize this is a unique opportunity to define the ‘gold standard’ for grain quality in Canada,” said GGC chair Andre Harpe from his farm in Valhalla Centre, AB. “A key aspect of this review is making sure that we have a Canadian Grain Commission that works for all of us.”

Having been 35 years since the last major overhaul of the Act, GGC has made it clear that a change in the way that the Canadian Grain Commission operates is long overdue. With the elimination of the single desk for wheat and barley, the growth of canola and the oil-processing sector, and the size and sophistication of today’s farms, the Canada Grain Act has not remained relevant, and time is now for holistic change.

“Our submission has made it clear that an evolved Canadian Grain Commission must rely on sustainable funding, reduce red tape, and be defined by transparency and accountability,” added Harpe. “Farmers are ready to deliver on the high-quality grain that our customers expect, we just need a regulatory system that we can count on.”

GGC appreciates Minister Bibeau’s leadership in initiating this review and welcomes her commitment to real and meaningful change for Canada’s grain sector.

Our full Canada Grain Act submission can be accessed here.


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