Grain Growers of Canada congratulate PM Justin Trudeau, urge a renewed focus on farmers’ priorities

September 21, 2021 (Ottawa, ON) – The Grain Growers of Canada would like to congratulate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada on their results in yesterday’s federal election.

On behalf of Canada’s grain farmers, GGC looks forward to working with our legislators and policy makers in government and across the political spectrum to fulfill their platform’s commitments to Canadian agriculture.

“Throughout this campaign, we have advocated for a federal government that will be a willing partner and stand up for farmers where we need support,” said GGC chair Andre Harpe from his farm in Alberta’s Peace Country. “This is the time when the real work must start to ensure the long-term success of our sector.”

During the election cycle, GGC made it clear that farmers have several priorities that must be immediately addressed – including those stemming from the impact of this year’s historic drought. These include a need to reform farmers’ existing slate of business risk management programs.

The Canada Grain Act must also be modernized in order to drive competitiveness, reduce regulatory red tape, and ensure high-quality grain for domestic and export markets.

“We expect that our federal government will prioritize Canadian agriculture on the world stage and stand up for rules-based trade,” added Harpe.

“This summer has also demonstrated that farmers are on the forefront of climate change, and that we must be at the table to help determine appropriate measures to encourage further adoption of best practices – while avoiding punitive measures like the carbon tax where no alternative fuel sources exist.”

Through the prioritization of science-based policies, the federal government can become a critical ally for Canadian agriculture as it seeks to reach its full potential.

GGC looks forward to working with policy makers, legislators, and Members of Parliament from across this country to achieve these practical and measurable solutions for our sector.

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Cole Christensen
Communications Consultant

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